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White House Easter Egg Roll

For years, the White House has staged an Easter Egg Roll on its South lawn for the local children. The tickets were free, and were handed out on a first-come, first served basis. This often resulted in parents camping out overnight on the sidewalks in order to get tickets for the family. This year, for the first time ever, the White House has decided to make the tickets available on-line, in an attempt to make the event more accessible to people who do not live in the city. The results have been mixed. Apart from the fact that the website crashed several times, and complaints that people were unable to log on or the site timed out before tickets could be ordered, the biggest frustration may have been that there was no transparency about the number of tickets available. At least when you're in line, you have an idea of your chances of getting a ticket. There is also some uncertainty about how the system could be easily "fixed" so that friends and donors of the administration, as opposed to your average unconnected citizens, can get batches of tickets set aside for them.

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